My roots run deep in Arkansas.. Thinking of the tornado victims.

My roots run deep in Arkansas.. I was born and raised there. The majority of my family and many friends still live there. I now reside in Texas, but those sweet, southern Arkansas souls are in my heart everyday. They are in my manners.. They are in my accent.. They are in my friendliness.. They are the reason I “cook with love” and “never met a stranger”.

The communities of Mayflower and
Vilonia suffered incredible losses in a tornado last evening, and I wanted to mention them. They are weighing heavily on my mind, as well as several towns in other states.

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Wallpaper Covered Canvas with Initial Tutorial

wallpaper craft

Hi! I’ve been wanting to create something for my recently repainted hallway with items on hand.. I decided to use leftover wallpaper from my guest bath (yes, wallpaper is back ladies and gents), a stretched canvas, and a paper mache initial. I used “V” for my last name, although this would also be cute in a baby’s room with the wee ones first initial.

Level of Difficulty: Easy

materials wallpaper craft

tutorial wallpaper craft
Items Needed:

stretched canvas
piece of wallpaper large enough to wrap around canvas
staple gun
paper mache or cardboard letter/initial
craft glue
craft paint

1. Paint letter (front and side). Let dry.
2. Wrap wallpaper snugly around canvas.
3. Staple to wooden back of canvas.
4. Trim any excess paper.
5. Glue letter to front of newly wallpapered canvas.
6. Hang or frame, and enjoy.

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What to do on this pretty day…


It’s a beautiful spring day here in Texas! What’s a girl to do? Spending time outside with the boys and finding a new craft project are both on the afternoon agenda.

We recently painted our hallway, and the art I had there before no longer compliments the space. I haven’t been able to find anything that I love, so I plan to create something with some items I have on hand. Stay tuned…


Recovering from surgery and starting a blog…




Welcome to my brand new blog. My name is Holly, and I have wanted to share my passions of cooking, decorating and creative projects for a while now.. It took my recent foot surgery and recovery period, to push me to finally begin.  To tell you a little bit about myself, I am a born and raised southern belle, now living in Texas, with my husband and two little princes. I hope you enjoy reading about my projects and recipes. Stay tuned for my next post.